Tuesday, August 4, 2009

September 4, 1951: Snoopy's yard


This one shows us, again, that Charlie Brown is probably not Snoopy's owner yet, but that someone owns him, or where else would he have gotten that doghouse? The expectation that his yard should be mown expands Snoopy's personality further; in the middle-era, when his doghouse burned down, it would be revealed that he lost a pool table and a Van Gogh in the fire.

The dial of a rotary phone is also visible here, which things, as I mentioned before, are now receding into memory.


  1. Huh, my assumption was that this shows that CB *does* own him at this point. Since Snoopy can't mow his own grass, the responsibility falls to CB. If Snoopy was owned by, say, Shermy, I would've expected CB to ask, as a followup to panel 3, why *Shermy* wasn't mowing the grass.

    (And, I guess, CB's on the phone with one of his parents. Maybe his dad's caling from the barbershop to remind him.)

  2. I just finished putting in the queue a comic, about a couple weeks after this one, in which more evidence is given that Shermy is his owner.