Saturday, February 6, 2010

May 22, 1952: Lucy requires a lot of supervision


Lucy and her long-suffering father again. It'll be nice when she loses those huge eyes.

Two strips seem to be missing from's archive, May 20 and 21. Anyone know what we missed?


  1. My copy of "The Complete Peanuts 1950-1952" has those two strips. They both have to do with Patty...

    The 20th has her upset when Charlie Brown leaves her sandbox without emptying the sand from his shoes back into the box. There's a neat little picture of sand flowing out of CB's shoe into the sandbox.

    The 21st has Charlie Brown reviewing a story Patty wrote. "I think it's a bit subtle, Patty...the average reader won't understand it." "YOU understood it, didn't you? Then I've got nothing to worry about!" The one neat thing about this strip is the three-quarter profile cross-legged pose CB has when he reads the story.

    These two strips seem a bit lower quality (the 21st is especially faded). I wonder if they had to find them from a lower quality source for the Complete Peanuts collection (and didn't have that source?).

  2. Thanks for the report, John! I was curious too.

    And when do Lucy's creepy eyes go away? No no, don't tell me, I'll wait and be surprised... heh.