Sunday, May 16, 2010

October 14 and 15, 1952: Patty and Violet's Party



I mostly remember Patty and Violet for the times they double-teamed Charlie Brown in the classic age of the strip. If one interprets Charlie Brown as a stand-in for Charles Schulz himself, a view that may have some merit, that may indicate problems with female figures. I think it is possible to read too much into this, however; mostly it just serves to develop Charlie Brown's pessimistic personality a little more.

Also: rats!

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  1. Violet's spiteful nature makes her unique among the Peanuts characters. They can be a nasty little lot, to be sure, but Violet seems by far to be the most cruel (and, in my mind, one of the most unlikeable). There are many strips in which she takes great delight in *not* inviting CB to a party, or *not* giving CB a valentine... and saying so to his face. Unlike Lucy, whose sarcasm and b**chiness has complexity and reveals some vulnerability, Violet (in later strips, at least) serves simply as a way to validate CB's insecurity and loneliness.