Wednesday, June 9, 2010

November 10, 1952: Charlie Brown is easy to convince


Last strip featured some strife between CB and the girls, here things seem to have been patched up fairly well. Well, at least that's what the girls want him to think.

Note the look on Charlie Brown's face in the first panel! That slanted, straight-mouthed expression. It hasn't been used much up to here, but it'll start getting fairly common in upcoming strips.


  1. This level of camaraderie -- sincere or not -- between CB, Violet and Patty would be inconceivable in later strips...

  2. Yes, just take a look at this strip from 1958...

  3. I love the expression on Patty & Violets' faces in panel 3, as if they are reciting those lines by rote. Schulz was a genius.