Sunday, February 19, 2012

May 1, 1955: Silly Snoopy, rope-jumping is for kids

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A wonderful strip, mostly for the expressions on Snoopy's face. It's a difficult strip to visualize in motion though. Schulz is depicting the dog jumping rope as a (soon to be) standard Snoopydance, but it looks like he's skipping in a lot of little hops, if his hind feet are technically leaving the ground at all.

I think the strip works a little better with the lead-up panels giving Snoopy's enthusiams a little time to warm up, rather than just having him jump in after watching Lucy for a single frame.



  1. Interesting. This is pretty much the same basic gag as in the Christmas special when Snoopy keeps dancing after the music stops. Nice to see an earlier version of it.

  2. Wasn't there a later strip where Snoopy joins Lucy in her jump-roping again, only that time she doesn't stop jumping but just glares at him until he gets the hint and leaves? I guess she's still a bit more tolerant at this stage of her character development.