Friday, April 20, 2012

May 29-June 4, 1955: Ol' Aerial Ears

On's archive, this sequence begins here.

Sunday, May 29
I should certainly say Lucy drives Charlie Brown crazy. She has caused him to hallucinate his kite string turning into a heavy anchor chain! It's not like we can believe that was one of the "few things" Lucy had. The question remains how Charlie Brown was able to run that chain up high enough into the air so that it could ground the kite with such a resounding CLANK, not to mention how Lucy brought it to him in the-- you know what, skip it.

May 30

Pinky Lee was the star of a children's TV show in 1954 and 1955. His catchphrase was "You make me so mad!" The Wikipedia page on him notes that he collapsed on-air later in 1955, which the audience of children had assumed was part of his goofy act. This basically ended Pinky's role on the show, although contrary to rumors at the time he didn't die until 1993.

June 1

By my reckoning, this is the first time Linus has ever had an attack due to the absense of his blanket. Lucy's attitude towards her brother's flannel dependence varies from warmly supportive to fierce antagonism.

June 2

At least he didn't say Beethoven!

June 3

I spoke too soon. Good grief!

June 4

He still COULD have licket Crockett, he just had something else to do.

June 5

Snoopy powers demonstrated: prehensile ears & improved auditory reception.



  1. I like how, in the first strip, Charlie Brown's "?" is drawn more elaborately right before the chain.

    I had to look up who Sam Snead was...

  2. That's some shootin' arn "Charlie Crockett" is a-totin' in the 6/4 strip. He should have kept it around...

    "When you call me a blockhead... SMILE!"

  3. Is it just me, or did Patty seem to be the one least changed by time? It's kind of nice to have one character stay mostly the same as the rest evolved, but that probably had something to do with her disappearing.

    It's too bad, I like the checkered clothes and deadpan cruelty.

  4. Patty was the prototype for Peppermint Patty. They were both named for Schulz's cousin Patricia. When the openly aggressive Peppermint Patty came along, the old Patty became obsolete.

  5. I was born in 1960, not too long after Davbey Crockett, so the song was STILL on the GD radio at the time and I had a Disney aLBUM...STILL enjoy it.,.DisneylaND Keeps blasting that and its other older era songs on its radio..

    Oh, and oine other hing..I had a BIG crush on the ORIGINAL Patty [1950s one..]