Friday, August 3, 2012

Sunday, July 17, 1955: The Eternal Battle

Who is better: Christian Slater or the Earl of Sandwich?

Who is better: R. Crumb or George Foreman?

Who is better: Alfred E. Neuman or a cardboard cutout of Darth Vader?

What I'm asking in my roundabout way is, what criteria are they using? Apparently they're going by the personal flaws of their opponents, which I guess is as objective a measure or anything.

Peanuts would eventually earn a long history of abstract first panels, but I have to admit I don't quite get this one. Is that supposed to be an olive branch? It wouldn't fit in with the theme of the strip, which is that neither side is willing to give an inch.


  1. Charlie Brown has a really, really long gun to show off his...argument? But of course it's not a real gun, because he's just a kid.

    That's all I got...

  2. It's a good ol' hand-whittled Davy Crockett rifle. You'd see them all the time. But he seems to have forgotten to trim the sapling down first. Just a silly bit of absurdity.

  3. Wow. 17 panels! I wonder if that's a Peanuts record. By the end of the strip's run, Sunday pages were lucky to have HALF that many panels.

  4. And Disney, who was makoiing COONSKIN sized Fortune at this period with the Crockett merchandise, opened DIsneyland that same day-July 17,1955!!Steve