Thursday, April 9, 2009

December 22, 1950: Put your hand inside the Snoopy head

Another somewhat pointless strip, Schulz must have been close to his deadline for some of these.  Snoopy is especially cute and puppet-like in this one however, especially in panel two, where we get a three-quarter perspective into his smiling mouth, and in panel four, where his eyes are winningly far apart.  As Snoopy became a much stranger creature later on, Schulz would lose the ability to draw him like this; Snoopy became a creature of imagination far more than a placeholder dog in a world of child jokes.

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  1. As a beagle owner, I can totally appreciate Charlie Brown's frustration. Our pup often engages in antics like this.

    I also love how Snoopy is drawn here - he actually looks like a beagle.