Tuesday, May 26, 2009

April 6, 1951: Why does he EAT them?

The day after one of Schulz's most recognizable early formulas, we get another one, Violet and her mud pies again.  The challenge here each time is to present a variation upon the theme, some aspect of the situation that has yet to be mined.  When a situation is mined out, it must be discarded.  You might not believe this, but it's not even finished yet.


  1. It's hard to believe Violet was such a nice little girl. I guess once she put her hair into her eventual bun she became a full-fledged you-know-what! I suppose these were written when Schulz had a different view of women--because we all know what Lucy-Violet-Patty became.
    Also I like the mud pie theme-but I tend to like humor built on an absurd premise.
    Love your blog --having a good time following along!

  2. this blog is great! having so much fun reading it. one thing i was wondering is whether there could be a 'lame' tag. not to sound pessemistic, but some of these strips are just that. that's why they're fun to read, but they're not funny, and interesting sounds like there's too much thinking involved. consider it at least. thanks, and thanks again for doing this. after the metafilter fpp it has rapidly become my most checked blog. keep em comin!