Saturday, May 23, 2009

March 31, 1951: The sugar and buttermilk won't help


More of Violet's mud pies here.  This is another strip with what amounts to two jokes, the one about eating "de luxe" mudpies and Charlie Brown not being able to taste them anyway.

Again on the poses, Violet's post in the third panel is appealingly and cartoony. It's funny, but as Peanuts progresses, character poses become much less cartoony and more understated. I like the direction it goes, but will miss this earlier style.


  1. I guess it never occurred to me that Violet was making these mud pies with the expectation that people would actually, literally, EAT THEM. How revolting.

  2. Her pose in the 3rd frame is really good. Its really, well, cute.