Thursday, June 25, 2009

June 18, 1953: "And soon I'll know the wonders of the sunken city."

There is an unexplained gap in's archives over June 10-17.  I should have a look in Fantagraphic's Peanuts compilations to see if strips are missing or if Peanuts was on hiatus during that period.

This is a vaguely creepy strip.  If the eyes aren't Charlie Brown's, whose are they?  And why is he hanging out in the sewer?  My vote goes to a suburban Deep One. (That's right, Peanuts and the Cthulhu Mythos, baby!)


  1. I checked my Fantagraphics book and there are 7 comic strips in between June 8 and June 18. They don't have a theme. Charlie Brown is in all 7 of them, Patty is in 3, Snoopy and Violet are both in 2, and Shermy and Schroeder are both in 1.

  2. Not quite Cthulhu, but here's a deeply unworldly Snoopy-inspired text adventure: