Sunday, June 14, 2009

May 15, 1951: Oh he's a clown, that...

Charlie Brown's looking mighty expressive here.  Later on, he'd be more likely to just suffer with a sigh instead of complaining about it.

CB's name has been, by far, the most mentioned among the strip's meager cast so far, which is weird because it's the longest.  It's interesting that now, over 50 years after this strip's original publication, you could use "Charlie Brown" as an insult and people would generally know what you meant.


  1. I wonder what made Schulz decide that Charlie Brown should never be called just "Charlie." Has that ever happened, ever? I don't recall ever seeing it. ("Chuck" and "Charles," sure, but never "Charlie.")

  2. Well, we've got "Chuck" and "Charles" and "Brownie Charles" and some other variations. I haven't seen any others yet but if there are, I'm bound to run into them eventually.

  3. Well, we've got the November 7, 1950 strip, in which his mom actually says, "Charlie! Charlie Brown!"