Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sunday, April 27, 1952: That was sensational, Lucy


Lucy refers to herself in the third-person again here. I'm glad she grew out of that. That is not the only other thing, of course, that is different about her here. Between the wide eyes, tendency towards accidents and meek demeanor, there is probably no other character in Peanuts that changes so much between its conception and final version. (Well, except maybe for Snoopy, but that is a question for later....)

I read a lot of Peanuts back in first grade, for our school's library had a good collection of 50s and 60s Peanuts compilations. In a way, these early strips feel more like "real" Peanuts to me than the strips from the 80s and 90s.

I kind of miss that people don't use words like "sensational" in casual conversation these days. Or, if they are, they're not in the conversations that I tend to have.


  1. I love Lucy's smile in the last panel. How sweet!

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  3. I was looking at the below photoset, going, "What do that baby elephant's eyes remind me of? Something I've seen recently..."

    Lucy's eyes.

    Baby elephant eyes looks like Lucy's early eyes.


  4. To see baby elephant eyes: 1d6 SANITY LOSS