Sunday, April 3, 2011

December 16, 1953: For your calendars

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The old mania shows through.  This obsession with all things Beethoven only grows over time, until it becomes perhaps Schroeder's most endearing characteristic.  I don't think the teacher is going to buy it as an absence excuse though.

According to Wikipedia, we're not actually sure when Ludwig Van Beethoven's birthday is, but it does say that December 16 is our best guess.

Concerning the art:
How about that jacket Charlie Brown is wearing?  Is that leather?  Denim?  Or just (yawn) corduroy?  
Those are some pretty well-thought-out poses for Schroeder on the fence there.  Schulz draws him having to lift himself up to see over the fence, which is exerting, so he braces himself against his feet in a couple of ways.    Very nice!


  1. I remember that there was a strip referring to the doubt over Beethoven's birthday, which concludes with Schroeder walking around carrying a sign saying "Happy Beethoven's birthday...more or less".

  2. As I recall, the strip used to hint that Schroeder was into composers other than just Beethoven. There was one where Schroeder had to put on a jacket while listening to a Brahms symphony, since it gave him chills. But I guess Schulz realized it would funnier to make him a Beethoven obsessive. Its the common wisdom that comic strip characters need one defining characteristic.

  3. Actually, that was a Beethoven symphony. The 9th symphony.