Monday, November 2, 2009

January 12, 1952: Putt putt putt


I like Charlie Brown’s driving cap and how his name is printed on his go-kart. That’s remarkably accommodating of Snoopy too, especially considering I don’t know any dog that would willingly make a noise like “putt putt putt.”

Just want to take this opportunity to note that, as I was clicking the Embed link on's site for this one, I accidently clicked on one of the teeth-whitening ads on the side of the page. Before I could do anything about it, a new window had opened filled with dense text trying to convince me to buy Ill-Advised Internet Product #763. Especially hateful is the fact that, when I clicked the X button to close the window, the page opened a "are you sure" dialog warning me that this special offer won't be around for long.

Maybe I'm just high-strung, but things like that make my eyes glow red, my head spin around, and my mouth utter involuntary invocations to Yog-Sothoth. As astoundingly obnoxious advertisement.

Oh well, at least a woman in lingerie wasn't trying to get me to play Evony.

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