Monday, December 21, 2009

Sunday, March 16, 1952: CAPITAL PUNISHMENT


If your opinion of Peanuts has been determined entirely by "Happyness is a Something Saccharine" plaques, then take a look at panel 5 here. SNOOPY in an ELECTRIC CHAIR. It is also Snoopy's first thought balloons, although there are no words in these. The dog has not yet learned the rudiments of human language.

Dogcatcher jokes have been a staple of cartoons since at least the Termite Terrace days. Snoopy, being ownerless at this time, would have a special cause for avoiding the Homeless Police.

An ice cream bone? Just this one I envy those papers that clipped off the top panels.


  1. Is it also the first time Snoopy's stood on his hind legs? (Even if it is only in a thought balloon.)

  2. Poor Snoopy breaking rocks! Although I did laugh out loud at his little prisoner's uniform.