Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sunday, March 23, 1952: More Baseball


The first baseball-themed Sunday strip, and a foreshadowing of the career of Charlie "The Goat" Brown.

Patty playing umpire in the first panel is especially nice.

In panel 5, which base is it that Charlie Brown is running to? There seems to be some confusion between Patty and Violet on the matter. If you look closely, the drawing of Patty in that frame is a bit of a throwback; she's reverted to her old round-headed look. It's interesting that I didn't notice how all the characters except Charlie Brown have been slowly moving from having oval heads when viewed in profile or three-quarters to having recessed eyes and prominent foreheads.


  1. I think it's not so much that there's confusion about what base he's heading towards as that Patty is being optimistic and Violet is being more realistic... Charlie's pretty close to (presumably second) base already.

    By the way, Patty's not the umpire, she's the catcher.

  2. In the final panel Patty does yell "You're out" which is technically the umpire's job, but at least when I was a kid it was pretty typical for umpiring to be done by a committee of all the players in backyard baseball.

  3. I think that in the 5th panel, Charles Schulz is actually compressing time because of the limitations of the format. Patty's comment is meant to take place before he passed second and Violet's comment is meant to take place before he passed third. However Schulz doesn't have any panels to spare so he is making one panel do the work of two.