Sunday, December 20, 2009

March 15, 1952: 100m Piano Toss


This strip is a variant of the same kind of sudden reaction as the turnabout strips brought up before. Tossing objects is still a common expression of cartoon anger, isn't it? Do this in real life and I don't like to think of how the police would react.

I'm pretty sure I have never heard the term "pianoforte" outside of Peanuts.


  1. I've heard it in other contexts, but then I took piano lessons and actual music classes...

  2. Certainly not my first exposure to the word either, though I wouldn't have thought it was common knowledge for someone Charlie's age at the time the strip was written. It seems like more something you'd see in the context of "Miss Lucy Brown accompanied us on the pianoforte as we sang a rousing chorus of abolition songs and awaited the post rider to tell us whether Mr. Lincoln or Mr. Douglas had won the election."

  3. It's called a pianoforte because it can play softly (piano) and loudly (forte). In these lazy days, though, it's just called a piano. :)