Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sunday, July 27, 1952: You-you-you-GIRL-you


Patty pulls off what, later, would probably be a Lucy move.

We get a rare glimpse here of a really angry Charlie Brown, who hadn't yet learned to internalize life's slings and arrows.

To little things are particularly interesting here. Schroeder's expression is, except for a bit of a sad look in panel 5, neutral for the rest of the strip. He serves as a norm that sets off CB's anger. And Patty's expression in the last two panels is also neutral; she doesn't feel ashamed for her act, and neither does she gloat about it. All the emotion in the last half of the strip belongs to Charlie Brown.

Few cartoonists made as much use out of neutral expressions as Charles Schulz did. His kids could really play a scene down.

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