Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sunday, June 29, 1952: Patty, Marbles Champion


It is interesting, and somewhat heartening, to see the girls in Peanuts take part in the same kinds of activities as the boys. Patty has played Cowboys and Indians with Charlie Brown and Shermy before, and here she slaughters him in marbles, and not for the last time. It is enough to bring one to mind the other Patty, although she won't turn up for years yet. And of course, Lucy eventually becomes the terror of the neighborhood.

How goes the plight of the little girl these days? Is it just me, or is gender norming as strong as ever now?


  1. Would a child today shout a different, rhyming word?

  2. Heh. But actually no, not generally. Lots of kids still don't begin cursing until at least the mid-teens.