Thursday, July 1, 2010

December 20, 1952: 4,000 games


The key difference between this strip and prior "Oh Those Kids" strips is the expression on Charlie Brown's face in the last two panels. Before, if Schulz did a strip like this, Charlie Brown would have a neutral expression at the end. Here, he's speaking sarcastically. With just a lowered eyebrow drawn over the eye, the entire point of the joke has changed.

The Peanuts characters are unusually difficult to draw in complex poses, due to their short arms and legs, but Schulz does a good job with CB's legs in the last panel.


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  2. I get a different reaction.
    I see Charlie Brown as determined. Charlie Brown, in a way is very optimistic. Never calls a baseball game, always tries to kick the football. He is always ready to believe this is his day.
    And I see that here as well.

    Not sarcasm.

    But interpretation just makes stuff like this better.

  3. I popped in to say that I read the last panel as "determination." So I'll second kevhines.