Tuesday, July 13, 2010

January 6, 1953: Stadium boots?


I'm not familiar with this phenomenon. Girls used to wear clompy boots in the winter?


  1. They sure did! Also, stadium boots are a particular kind of footwear that go over regular shoes, so they were extra big.

    Actually, this reminds me of an incident I saw a year or so back in a city park near me. These four young women were walking through the park in a group, all four wearing high heeled leather boots. The sound against the pavement was very loud and exactly as Schulz renders it here: klomp klomp klomp. The quartet walked past a man on a park bench, and when they'd gone a few feet further he shouted "You ladies sound like a team of horses in those boots!" At which point the ladies (and everyone else within earshot) broke up laughing, because it was absolutely true.

  2. I always thought that "stadium boots" were another term for what we used to call "galoshes." I know that they have been trendy from time to time, and that must have been the commentary Schultz was making here...