Saturday, January 29, 2011

October 2, 1953: Three Years


It's nice to see a kid who cares about effective word usage, but Charlie Brown probably lets it get to him a little too much.

This strip marks the third anniversary of Peanuts debut.

Here is the strip from that day the year before:

Here is the strip from October 2, 1954, one year after this one:

Over the past year, Linus grew out of diapers. Snoopy thinks a little more often, but is still usually used mute. Lucy's growing, in slow stages, into her tyrant persona. Charlie Brown's cockiness is fading a bit, replaced by insecurity. And we've seen the beginnings of Lucy's crush on Schroeder and her star counting bit.

In the next year, we'll see the first mention of the kids going to actual school, as opposed to nursery or picnic school. We'll also get the first in-school strip, which would become a staple of the later years. We'll get the first strip where Schroeder gets upset with Lucy's attentions. We'll see Linus' first real dialogue. Lucy's rancorous personality settles in a little further. And later on we meet the first of Peanut's many secondary characters, who's also the one who lasts the longest, pretty much surviving the entire run of the strip.

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