Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sunday, September 20, 1953: Photographing Snoopy


We get a lot of funny drawings of Snoopy in this one, as well as establishing the dog's mischievous personality. Bill Watterson would reprise this strip much later, with Calvin in Snoopy's place and Calvin's dad in the role of photographer. I couldn't find a copy of that one on the internet, but one difference between the two approaches to the idea is that Calvin's dad tries to fool Calvin by saying "click" several times, and the strip ends with Calvin's making a funny face; there is no reaction shot at the end.


  1. There's a Calvin and Hobbes search engine.


    The Strip in question:


  2. Also:

  3. A funny strip, but it tacitly assumes that Charlie Brown can only take ONE picture with his camera. Aren't there more potential pic's on that roll of film?

  4. What kid hasn't made a funny face or inappropriate gesture when a grown-up was trying so hard to take a perfect picture? That's what makes both this and the Calvin strips so irresistable. Additionally, this strip marks yet another milestone in Snoopy's evolution from being "just" a dog to something else...

    Violet's appearance in the last panel is a device Schulz would use frequently: an innocent bystander coming across a scene after the key action had taken place and being utterly puzzled by it.