Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sunday, March 28, 1954: An outsider's view of the Van Pelt family

Read this strip at gocomics.com.

The first two panels have more of Lucy's ability to rule it over Charlie Brown in checkers, but the main thrust of this strip is twofold.  First, Lucy shows a rather astonishing lack of interest in Linus.  I think this is the first time her dislike of her brother has really come to fore.  Like many of the relations of Peanuts this is fluid and comes and goes over time, but in the long run at least it seems to be an aspect of Lucy's character that sticks.  It makes me feel kind of sorry for both of them.

But the reason Linus likes to play by himself, it turns out, is that he is insanely functional, like in an autistic sense.

It seems like the way a Cthulhu cultist might not be able to talk without inserting ftagn every other sentence, but has bizarre, yet correct, insights into the nature of the universe.

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