Thursday, June 2, 2011

March 15-17, 1954: Three for free

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Three more conjoined strips, caused when whoever scanned these forgot to crop.

March 15, 1954:
A funny strip in general.  Charlie Brown is not one to let a card go to waste, even if it's not really suited for its purpose.  At least we should be glad Schroeder isn't giving out Beethoven's Birthday cards.  Yet.

March 16, 1954:
Snoopy is using thought balloons!  I think he used them one time before, but this time I think it "takes."  Good faces on Snoopy here.

March 17, 1954:
Patty is unexpectedly a marbles shark.  Not as bad as Lucy at checkers, but still.  What do marbles champs do with all their winnings?  She must have a huge collection of the things by now.  I wonder if the marbles companies engineered the whole "playing for keeps" idea, the same way Wizards of the Coast put playing "for ante" in the official rules to Magic: The Gathering?


  1. In the 3/16 strip, we again get an indication that Snoopy may not be Charlie Brown's dog! "Here comes Charlie Brown, he's a decent sort"... why would Snoopy think/say that if CB were his master and Snoopy would presumably KNOW about CB's personality?

  2. Actually I think it's rather more shocking that Snoopy remembers Charlie Brown's name!

  3. Historical trivia: Why is CB saying "Happy Tax Day!" in a strip dated March 15??? Turns out that the deadline for filing federal income tax was indeed March 15 from 1918 till 1955 (a year after this strip was published), when it was changed to the current and more familiar April 15.