Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sunday, August 1, 1954: Whoops!

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Sometimes the heavy stylization of Peanuts works in the service of a gag. In this strip, it isn't clear what exactly it is that Snoopy is doing until he tells us in the last panel. Although "whoops!" is kind of a weird thing to say in response to something cold pressed against your back.

Snoopy isn't as long in these panels as he was a few weeks back, he looks to be of a more reasonable size compared to when he's sitting down. But we do have a few panels where we see his face in three-quarters' perspective and get that weird broad face. Snoopy's snout really only exists in profile.

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  1. It seems like it took Schulz a while to work out Snoopy's snout. I think an especially interesting strip (art-wise) is from 1956, where we get almost three different art styles for Snoopy in one strip, including a mix of both the old broad-faced Snoopy like in these earlier ones (panels 5 and 6), and some newer 3/4 perspective drawings where his snout is much more sharply defined (panels 1 and 7).