Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sunday, May 20, 1954: psspstpssp

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Well whatever you do don't let the audience know what you're whispering, I mean sheesh.

By keeping the information being whispered from the reader, the reader can't mistake the point to have something to do with the specific message. The message is unimportant; the joke is in the communication.

Three characters are left out of this strip. We can figure for ourselves why Snoopy and Linus aren't included. That Schulz shows preference for Schroeder over Shermy just goes to show how already poor Sherm is kind of a second-class cast member.

Odd rounded frames on the panels here.


  1. Anyone else remembering a Norman Rockwell cover right about now?

  2. If this strip were drawn later, I could imagine CB being the butt of the joke somehow. But in these early strips, he's just as likely to be simply "one of the gang".

  3. Wonder why Schulz did the rounded panels here? To give the whole thing an impression of speech balloons?