Sunday, July 3, 2011

Week of May 3-8, 1954

May 3, 1954:

A comment remarked that the "Red Red Red" strip from a few days back was probably, actually, a reference to the Red Scare current around that time.  The current events angle of this strip is rather more obvious to a reader 57 years in the future.

May 4:

One of the most enduring gags of the strip, that of Lucy's utter ineptness as a fielder, begins here.  It's a funny example of the type, too.

May 5:

That piece of candy must be incredibly rich.

May 6:

This is partly a callback to the very first Peanuts strip.

May 7:

The fussbudget plot continues.  Lucy still doesn't seem to comprehend sarcasm when it's used at her expense.  This is classic Lucy here, the (literally) wide-eyed little girl is almost gone.  Not completely yet, but she's getting there.

May 8:

This joke isn't one of Schulz's best right here, but it does give us another glimpse of the prehensile talents of Snoopy's ears.

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  1. Snoopy mirrors my perplexity when I first came across the expression "a dog-eared map".