Saturday, October 29, 2011

December 20-25, 1954: Square Balloons and Christmas Day

December 20

Here's another early sequence, in which Linus confounds Charlie Brown by blowing balloons into cubes. I've joked about Linus having uncanny powers, but how else can you explain this?

December 21

At least you can stack them neatly this way.

December 22

Look at Lucy's look of horror in the second panel. This strip makes it a little more clear what Schulz is getting at with this sequence. Although blowing up balloons into squares is a marvelous skill, Charlie Brown seems to think it's something wrong somehow, and Lucy thinks it'll bring dishonor to her house. I guess people put more importance into balloon-inflating style back in 1954.

December 23

Even if he tries to blow it up into a rough sphere, it comes out square. This could be taken as a metaphor for something I suppose. Actually, multiple somethings.

December 24

What would happen if you gave Linus an innertube to blow up?

Christmas Day

"Hey! Come back with my pagan idol of music!" "Take it easy, I'm just replacing it with a good, honest Christian symbol! Er, that used to be an element of nature-worship. Merry Christmas!"

We'll have more of Charlie Brown and Schroeder and Christmas next time....


  1. The Linus balloon sequence is clearly Schultz' take on nonconformity in the highly conformist '50s. Because Linus is a baby, his uniqueness comes off as innocent and nonthreatening (though Lucy, as the stand-in for Authority, would disagree).

    The balloon CB is blowing up in the 12/24 strip looks rather naughty... but that's all I'm going to say about that.

  2. The balloon sequence made it into the TV special "Happy New Year, Charlie Brown", except that Linus was playing Charlie Brown's part and Rerun blew up the square balloons.