Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday, December 26, 1954: Schroeder's Mania

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"You'll never believe this, but I was hoping you'd come over.." Gee thanks, kid.

This strip neatly encapsulates much of Schroeder's character. I remember seeing it in a compilation when I was maybe eight or so. Even then I had trouble believing in the existence of 12-volume biographies of Ludwig van Beethoven in comic book form, Beethoven ballpoint pens and Beethoven bubble-gum, but maybe there's some Beethoven subculture out there I've had no contact with. Is that Beethoven brand bubblegum, or is it bubblegum with Beethoven trading cards? Anyway, "Very scowly."

I imagine one of Schroeder's parents getting him the train in a desperate attempt to broaden the kid's interests outside his overpowering obsession. Because idolization is one thing, but this is bizarre.


  1. I like that he's playing a piece with four flats in the *same panel* that CB points out that the black keys are just painted on.

  2. This was before the Comics Code Authority, right? So there must have been all sorts of juicy bits in that 12-volume biography. Do Schroeder's parents realize this?

  3. The CCA went into effect in September of that year, and anyway those biographical comics would have been pretty benign back then.

    As for the Beethovenmania...just replace "beethoven" with "Davy Crockett", and you'll understand where Schulz was coming from.

  4. Cartoonjoe: Good point about Davy Crockett, but that craze hadn't yet taken off, I don't think. Wasn't the original Davy Crockett TV special aired in '55?