Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sunday, December 19, 1954: That kids really likes that rubber band

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When Lucy gives you rubber, Linus makes rubber-ade. And this is full-bore Lucy here, in full Hate Mode. The funniest thing about it I think is Linus' annoyed scribble of ire as Lucy addresses him with a serif'd "Hey!" He knows what's coming.

That's a weird look on Linus' face in the last panel.


  1. This was always one of my favorite Peanuts strips. Linus shows such joy with the rubber band, then selfish ol' Lucy comes and takes away what little she's left him. I think he's kind of satisfied that he confounded her efforts to stifle his fun, if only temporarily.

    His next move should be to blow bubbles with his spit. I'd like to see Lucy take THAT away.

  2. This was always one of my favorites as well; I always got a kick out of Linus' expression having so much fun with a rubber band. These days, rubber bands are probably on the list of things you should never give to babies...