Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Meta: Strips visible again

Just letting you guys know that Comics.com's site has been down over the weekend and that caused inlined images to not appear on the site. They seem to have gone back up some time yesterday, so you might want to go through the last few days of archives to see what you missed. (I try to do these in batches some time in advance, so the posts were made before the strips vanished.)

Anyway the site seems to be back up and strips are appearing again. I hate being beholden to Comics.com's somewhat iffy webmastering, or linking to a place offering videos of something called "TVPigs.com", but it's what's legal.

In other news, I've been at DragonCon for the past weekend. Unfortunately I didn't find the artist's room until the final day of the con this time, and just before closing, so I sadly missed seeing Jason Yungbluth, the "Weapon Brown" guy this time. I did manage to meet Bob Burden, creator and writer of Flaming Carrot. What an awesome guy.

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