Monday, September 28, 2009

November 21, 1951: Snoopy likes parties


Does this mean Charlie Brown now definitely owns Snoopy? I'm not sure, because he seems to be treating Snoopy as more of a colleague, an equal, than a pet. He says Snoopy has the biggest appetite of "anyone I know."

Check out Charlie Brown's jacket. It's like a suit version of Patty's dress! That pattern of lines, that continues through the fabric of clothing regardless of body contours or perspective, is not uncommon in comics and probably deserves a post off its own. This one isn't it, though.

Also, look at Patty's cross-legged pose while at the phone. It seems like an ungirlish pose, sure, but it's especially weird because Schulz doesn't cheat on the size of her foot there, and so it comes up to the length of her lower leg. It's a pose that's pretty much impossible in real life.


  1. Although I'm sure Snoopy's "smack smack" was intended to be purely a sound-effect, it does appear as if he's actually saying those words.

  2. I should clarify, maybe, that when I talk about Patty's pose, it's the second frame that I'm talking about.

    I think the "smack smack" word balloon is something Schulz may have added as an afterthought, when he realized that Snoopy just standing there wouldn't sufficently illustrate what Charlie Brown says about his appetite. A better solution would have been to show Snoopy staring at some human food, but then he would have had to have worried about the height of a dinner table in relation to Snoopy's size.