Friday, September 18, 2009

November 3, 1951: Gesundheit


Not really much of a joke here, but there hasn't been a lot of Snoopy in the last few weeks.

How about Shermy's expression, with his tongue out the side of his mouth? In the strip there have been two instances when this has been used: a character is eating or wants to eat, and when a character is focusing hard on something. I'm not really sure how either usage got started. Has anyone who's hungry ever stuck his tongue out like this? People hard at work might bite their tongues, but stick it out?


  1. The hunger one comes from licking your lips, I would assume.
    The concentration one is something I myself rarely do, when I am trying to ignore everything else.

  2. I do the sticking the tongue out thing when concentrating hard. Mainly when doing something with my hands like DIY.

  3. I thought everyone stuck their tongue out when concentrating.

  4. Michael Jordan was famous for doing that.