Saturday, October 31, 2009

January 9, 1952: Mush! Mush!


It took me a little while to make sense of this one. At the size the strip is rendered by default in my browser, it was hard to tell Shermy apart from Charlie Brown. CB is the one driving the sled, not Shermy.

Beyond that, I think the word "mush" is interpreted by Shermy as short for "mushy."

Snoopy sure looks happy to be pulling Charlie Brown's sled. His question mark in the last panel adds a slight extra punch to the joke.

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  1. At first there was something of a competition between Shermy and Charlie for the affection of the girls. Clearly Shermy is winning by this point, no doubt because of his ability to come up with lines like in the second panel while Charlie would have gone for a wise crack or said something that came across wrong.