Wednesday, April 21, 2010

September 12, 1952: Seven Spades


If you have a strong hand of one suit in Contract Bridge, you can bid strongly in it and try to make it trump. If you have seven cards of a suit, then the most any other player can have is six, guaranteeing you one trick and probably worth several more. And Spades is the strongest bidding suit, beaten only by No Trump.

Snoopy's reaction here is great.


  1. The bid of 7 spades is basically saying you plan on taking all the tricks in the hand with spades as the trumph suit. So when charlie brown says 7 spades he is saying he and his partner will take it all... snoopy however seems to disagree with his jump from 3 spades (promising to take 9 tricks) to 7 spades (13 tricks) (7 spades is also the second highest bid one can make in bridge with 7 no trumph the only one beating it

  2. ...yes, that makes perfect sense, Charlie Brown is bidding. I'm not quite sure why I didn't see that, d'oh.

  3. I'm very glad Sparky moved the Bridge jokes to his Other Strip, and left them there when it flopped.