Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sunday, August 31, 1952: But it's his pool, right?


This is a case where Charlie Brown's responsible for his own disappointment, to some extent. It's his pool, right? That's why he filled it? I guess he doesn't want to throw his friends out when they're having such a good time. (Schroeder especially is getting into it, although I doubt he really needs to hold his nose as he jumps in.)

Why is it necessary for Charlie Brown to empty the whole pool just because Snoopy is sitting in it?

As a kid, I'm not entirely sure why, I loved the picture of Snoopy sitting, smiling, looking out of the pool at Charlie Brown. It's something about his profile, or his attitude maybe. Or maybe it's just really cute.

The shading on the underside of the pool as CB empties it is an unusual touch for Peanuts.


  1. I like this one, since this strip describes my own dog's behavior perfectly.

  2. Snoopy just seems so PLEASED with himself. "Look where I am!" Adorable.

    It's why he's so mad in the next panel -- Charlie Brown just can't see what an AMAZING thing he's done.

  3. Maybe Snoopy left a present in the pool?