Monday, August 9, 2010

February 9, 1953: Spite Candy


This is a great strip! I'm going to try to work "spite candy," or other spite things, into conversations.


  1. I remember this strip from when I was little... and remember looking up "spite" in the dictionary.

    One of the many times "Peanuts" helped increase my vocabulary...

  2. I remember it from childhood as well. Clearly I must have seen it in a paperback, because my childhood only began several years after it first appeared!

  3. Well, RAB, we're pretty much peers, I think (at least chronologically), and I do indeed remember reading this in a paperback collection (we had a number of them about the house). I wonder why this strip, of oh so many, has stuck in the memories of all us?

    Oh my god - I am not making this up: my word verification thingie was "umspite"

  4. I have the paperback book. I would have to get it off the shelf. This is great.