Saturday, August 28, 2010

March 13, 1953: Good luck with that, Charlie Brown


The argument concerning relative worth re: men and women sounds maybe a little more troubling today than it did back then. I usually excuse it as a childish kind of "go team!" cheering. (Thesis: sports team loyalty is taking the place of the casual chauvinism and racism of earlier decades. You have two hours. You may pick up your pencils... now!)


  1. I have nothing to say on the question of sports-team loyalty. But I would offer that this argument concerning the relative worth re: men and women has less to do with any actual chauvinism, and more to do with the behavior of children in general. Schulz's characters will eventually mature beyond this phase, but in these early comics they act more conspicuously child-like. And one of the marks of a young child's behavior is this need to be associated with a "winning" group, while identifying and degrading an inferior "other".

    Come to think of it, I guess that's my answer to your essay question too.

  2. where is the "disgusting" reaction. sometimes these early peanuts strips are just as despicable as family circus

  3. in my parody, patty will be quite a different character. only 4 strips so far, but I'm sticking to the project as it's fun. I find the original Peanuts to be utterly unfunny btw. My series is the Mentally Advanced version of it basically now that I think about it