Wednesday, September 8, 2010

March 27, 1953: Back to the slaughter


This is the first time we've seen Charlie Brown in bed, and also the first time we see him fretting while laying there. Poor kid.

We're establishing Charlie Brown's classic personality here. Most of the time up to now he was, Schulz's own word, kind of a smart-aleck. Here we see him as the sensitive, put-upon type which is more in line with how we remember him.


  1. This explains so much about Charlie Brown's personal evolution.

    He lost his marbles early on.

  2. Wow... poor CB could really use some Valium! From the quaking in panel 2 to the vacant, burned-out eyes in panel 3, CB appears emotionally shattered beyond his years. Here, CB takes one more step toward acquiring the adult neuroses that will ultimately distinguish the "Peanuts" characters.