Wednesday, September 15, 2010

April 3, 1953: Kid spite


So they asked Charlie Brown for his opinion specifically to go against it? That's not very friendly. The wide smile on Schroeder's face doesn't seem to bear much malice; they don't appear to be intending to pass judgement on Charlie Brown with their action. It's just the way they decided to pick a color.

After a few strips that appeared to fairly solidly clinch Snoopy's owner as Charlie Brown, this one throws the question back up in the air a bit. Why would they be painting Snoopy's house if he were exclusively CB's? Wouldn't they grant his opinion a bit more weight in that situation?



  1. Oops, fixed it, sorry about that.

  2. It's possible at this point that they just know that everything he does is wrong, so if they paint it red (his choice) that will turn out horribly.

  3. Of course, Snoopy's doghouse is red in the TV specials/merchandise/color maybe good ol' Charlie Brown eventually got his way after all.:)

  4. I had a Peanut's lunch box in the late '60s when the house was still yellow:

    More importantly, though, why have they painted Snoopy's name over the door, before painting the house?!?