Friday, September 17, 2010

Sunday, April 5, 1953: Charlie Brown's first breakdown


Remember when I said that a character's personality tends to become set the moment other characters refer to it? This is what I mean. Charlie Brown's exaggerated reaction could be taken as cartoonish hyperbole right up until Violet and Patty remark upon it. That proves that his hysterics are intended to be hysterical, and the relief the reader feels at having any first reaction to CB's weird behavior as weird justified lends extra comedic punch to the strip.

Roasted Peanuts: dedicated to over-analyzing each strip to the point where all humor is lost!

(P.S., Again I feel compelled to remind you: don't give your own dogs chocolate creams, or indeed chocolate anything. Chocolate is toxic for dogs.)

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  1. No, you shouldn't give chocolate to dogs, but their sensitivity thereto has been greatly exaggerated. Eating a chocolate cream like that isn't gonna kill a dog; it's probably not going to have ANY noticeable effect. We had a dog who got a pretty sizable chunk of extremely dense, highly-frosted chocolate cake and was none the worse for wear.