Friday, December 24, 2010

August 21, 1953: 6,000 games now


6,000 games now.

If we accept that Lucy is by now maybe five years old, and assume that she was somehow playing from birth, that makes for 100 games a day month. Somehow I think they might have counted wrong.

August 19 is a duplicate. Anyone with access to the Fantagraphics collections able to fill us in on it?

EDIT: Joshua Probert mentions in the comments that "day" is way off. He's correct, it's more like per month. Still, considering the ostensible amount of time these kinds have been alive (which already looks silly compared to the time the strip's been running), 6,000 games is still fairly ludicrous, you must admit.


  1. Oddly enough, the potato chip strip—shown on both August 17th and August 19th on the website—was actually the strip for the 19th. (If you look closely at the potato chip strip, you can see "8-19" in the top right hand corner.)

    In the Fantagraphics collection, 8-17 is a strip with Snoopy watching a bird dive into a birdbath, then shivering in sympathetic cold. Unremarkable except for the fairly realistic bird drawing (see October 4th, 1953 for more of that).

    By a bizarre coincidence, August 19th is my birthday!...except that I was born more than 20 years after these strips were published. Huh...

  2. Um, 5X365 +1 or 2 = 1826 or 1827 days old. 6000 games/1826 days is about 3 1/4 games a day.

    Unless I'm confused about what you mean. But I don't know how you get 100 games a day.

  3. Aaaah Joshua you're correct, my brain must have short-circuited. I should have said months.

  4. Of course, one x-factor here is how LONG each game took to play. Given the comparative skills of the players -- or Charlie's bum luck -- they might have been able to squeeze 6000 games into a shorter time period than five years.