Wednesday, December 8, 2010

August 1, 1953: Plaid Ice Cream


Y'know, I think this is a common attitude with kids. I know when I was little I thought chocolate was just better, generally, than vanilla, which seemed like plain, or "default," ice cream.

Plaid, however, is not one of your more common flavors. Funny thing is, Schulz has used this joke before. I do think it's common for kids to confuse flavors and colors, a state of affairs that is not, I'd say, helped by modern kiddie marketing.


  1. As it is with a lot of foods, people who don't like vanilla ice cream have probably never had really good vanilla ice cream.

  2. I like vanilla ice cream, but when I was a kid I felt like vanilla and unflavored were synonyms. This is common enough that many people use "Vanilla" as a metaphorical synonym for "plain." (And even though I like vanilla, I can't bring myself to order it at, say, Baskin-Robbins.)

    Chartreuse could legitimately be a flavor, since the color is named after the liqueur.

  3. If you look at Shermy's role you see that already he's separated from the group,he is used as a straight man while Schroeder, Patty, Violet, or Lucy would have went along with plaid ice cream (not Linus or Snoopy since they can't buy stuff or talk yet).