Wednesday, December 22, 2010

August 15, 1953: Snoopy punches the clock


This one's linked mostly for the perfect view of Snoopy from a three-quarter perspective. We don't see him in the hand puppet pose anymore, but still this is an unusual depiction of the dog if you look closely. Snoopy's face appears to be narrower when viewed from the side than from an angle. Notice, you only rarely see a character's face straight-on; they're almost always at least a little angle in there. In most of the kids' cases this is probably so their nose doesn't look funny since that C-shape best reads as a nose in profile. Although Snoopy doesn't have the nose problem, his snout is even harder to read straight on. It's like how Mickey Mouse, in cartoons, his ears are always shown in profile, and sometimes artists depicting the mouse have to be clever so they read correctly.


  1. Interesting how the "Hey!" in panel 2 is in a serif typeface...

  2. I think this helps the case that Snoopy doesn't belong to Shermy as Charlie Brown knows what's happening and not Shermy