Saturday, December 11, 2010

August 4, 1953: There goes Linus again


Another variation on the theme that Linus is freakishly top-heavy. We've seen a few of these strips, and there are still more to come.


  1. Another chapter in the ongoing saga of HOW PEANUTS SHAPED MY BRAIN:

    Thanks to early exposure to this particular strip, the word "jaunty" has always borne connotations of "off-center" and "asymmetrical" for me. You're "jaunty" because your fashion sense is charmingly off-kilter.

    Note that this is the geometric meaning of eccentric.

    This has carried over to "jaunt", which my brain tells me is a side-trip taken for spontaneous or eccentric reasons ... and that, in turn, colored my perception of Alfred Bester's The Stars My Destination, which used "jaunt" as the verb for teleportation.

    And, as always, I never realized that I had these nonstandard interpretations of an uncommon word until Roasted Peanuts reminded me.

  2. @YOS: I can second your post. I remember this strip and can remember looking up "jaunty" in the dictionary. Both then and now, I consider the word rather odd for some reason... almost as odd as Linus tipping over when his hat is adjusted. No wonder the poor kid needed a blanket!