Tuesday, May 3, 2011

January 30, 1954: Not a scale model

Read this strip at gocomics.com.
When I was in first grade, the library at the elementary school I attended had a number of Fawcett Peanuts collections.  Of course Peanuts is a lot more than just a kids' strip, and I think this may be why I gravitated towards it.  But because of this, some things about it were confusing, and one of the bigger things is illustrated well in this strip.

Notice Snoopy's reactions here.  They are played very far down.  He provides no dismissive thought bubbles signalling annoyance.  He develops no frown or gaping mouth of dismay.  The only clues to Snoopy's internal state here is how he looks at the camera in the second panel, and his overall actions.  He just leaves.  That's rather cold.

Charles Schulz would become a master at depicting the understated reaction.

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