Thursday, May 26, 2011

March 1-3, 1954: Three by necessity

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Er, I think someone messed up.  These three strips are presented like this on gocomics' page.  Remember when some strips turned up missing a couple of weeks ago?  I think they were gone in order to fix another situation like this one, where multiple strips are glued together in a single image.  This probably happened when the strips were scanned out of a book; whoever did the scanning neglected to crop the other strips out of the one for March 1 (which is the one with Schroeder and Snoopy here).  The other strips are also in their respective places in gocomics' procession, but we might as well do all three now.

March 1: Not too interesting, although it is a Schroeder strip with nothing to do with music.  I do wonder how the car managed to make it up Snoopy's head; it's not a smooth trip between panels three and four.

March 2: This one's pretty funny.  The boys and girls in Peanuts, physically at least, are on equal standing, but it's still embarrassing for a young boy to be outmatched by a girl.  Notice the wavy lines around the feet; they're there to draw the eye and so confirm to the reader that they're standing on tip-toe.

March 3: Chase strip.  Also pretty funny.  In a way this one works as a joke on the size of Charlie Brown's head, which needs a large object like a stop sign to cover it up.  Oh, and isn't it very short for a stop sign?

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