Sunday, May 29, 2011

March 8-10, 1954: Three again

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Three more strips that were presented glued together.

March 8, 1954: Linus and his blocks again. As we saw yesterday, the kid gets a lot of use out of them. For him, a pile of blocks is a protean meta-object, a thing that can become other things.

March 9, 1954: How does Lucy say the words "Pat him on the head"? Is it a suggestion? A request? Is she just narrating her own action?

Charlie Brown's a bit more familiar with Snoopy than the others, calling him "ol' pal." It's still some time before we have conclusive evidence Snoopy is his dog, though.

Snoopy's face on that second panel is a winner.  In the last two panels he thinks again using word balloons.  In the third he does so near humans, but none of them throughout the strip seem to recognize his discomfort so I think it's safe to say they can't understand him.

March 10, 1954: Give Linus a stack of blocks and a place on which to stand, and he will build the world.

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